Rabbits are also part of the family and with our plan, each year, you will be provided with:

  • Health check and annual vaccination, protecting against both strains of haemorragic disease
  • One FREE health check consultation with a vet
  • A year´s supply of prescription parasite control
  • One flystrike control treatment
  • Nurse clinics*
  • A bag of Timothy Hay Food

* The following nurse clinics ARE included: Nail clips, dental check ups, weight clinics, advice consultations

* The following nurse clinics are NOT included: Anal Sac empty, injection consultation, dressing changes, wellness consultation, diabetic consultation, blood sampling, demat

Download Our Rabbit Plan


  • 10% off neutering
  • Dental procedures


You will also receive a free microchip or a complimentary bag of Timothy Hay Food when you join.


Costing only £10.50 per month, saving up to £64.56 a year by setting up a direct debit.


This is a 12 month contract, with an additional £5.00 one off fee taken with the first monthly direct debit payment. 


Please ask staff for more information.

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